Professional Window Cleaning Equipment


New: Professional Window Cleaning Equipment

Now available from Spinaclean direct to the professional window cleaning industry, SkyVac Reach, the latest innovation in Telescopic water fed poles. Designed especially for the modern window cleaner.

Built from the highest carbon fibre content, the robust SkyVac Reach poles, enable you to clean up to 65ft, quickly and more accurately first time, whilst keeping you safely on the ground.

SkyVac Reach has several built in features to maximise productivity, including:

No external tubing Tubes are fed through the pole, free from being caught on buildings
Spring loaded Allowing you to smoothly extend the pole to a wider aperture, greatly reducing wear and tear on the pole

Adjustable gooseneck Can be removed, repositioned and reclamped both vertically and horizontally
Water cut-off A water cut off slot is located at the butt of the pole, to save valuable pure water

Water trolley Completing the SkyVac Reach package the portable pure water trolley, ensures each job is completed to perfection with a crystal clear finish.
The robust, compact design and ease of maneuverability makes the trolley the perfect choice for work in any areas where both mains water and electricity are available.

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