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Sky Vac Press Release


From a standing start to over 60 countries in a little over three years but what is SkyVac?

The SkyVac is a simple solution to a difficult and dangerous problem, the age old problem of cleaning out your gutters “ringing any bells” read on, you will be amazed.
As innocent and as uninteresting as they are but ignore them at your peril, gutters perform an essential task to your home or business premises, as they carry thousands of litres of rain water
that falls on your roof annually safely down the downpipe and into the drainage system below your home, then back to our water companies who then return it to us via our taps.

It does not take much to interfere with this process happening. A few fallen leaves, a bit of moss trapped in your gutters and bingo the water cannot pass by, instead making its way over the gutters down your walls and most likely into your home causing some very expensive and inconvenient repairs.

It goes without saying that it is very important to clean your gutters of clutter at least once a year, but you would be staggered to hear that nearly no-one bothers as the thought of climbing up a rickety old ladder fills us with dread. SkyVac eliminates the need for dangerous ladders or expensive scaffolding and cherry pickers as you can clean gutters from the safety of the ground.
But how does it work, well the clue is in the name SkyVac. SkyVac combines a very powerful wet and dry commercial vacuum with super lightweight, super strong carbon fibre suction poles, but how can you see in the gutters I hear you say, well the inventors of SkyVac, Northamptonshire based Spinaclean Ltd really have thought of everything. There is an on-board bullet camera with a recordable full colour monitor and totally wireless to boot.

sky-vac-demoWe caught up with Andy Whiting Managing Director of Spinaclean Ltd and Principle Designer of SkyVac who commented “we spotted a huge gap in the market for SkyVac and given my engineering background, it was a case of no compromise when it comes to quality. First of all the heart beat of SkyVac the vacuum unit “no off the shelf vacuum for us.” We went to Italy to one of the worlds largest vacuum manufacturers and worked very closely with them to produce our SkyVac Industrial 85 “TheWorld’s Most Powerful Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine” with blockage free side entry, and an air POWERMIX lever, which takes the air flow to muscle power, to lift heavy tufts of grass then slide the lever in the opposite direction to high air flow for rapid removal of light objects such as leaves, then we mounted the vacuum on an all terrain 4×4 chassis” The tools to reach into the gutters, needed to be lightweight and strong, so carbon fibre became
the ideal material partner. The eye in the sky to view the gutters from ground level had to be uncomplicated so we made it a wireless camera to monitor system. We launched the SkyVac at the Cleaning Show in Birmingham 2011 to critical acclaim, sales took off instantly and we now have hundred’s of satisfied SkyVac clients from Housing Associations, to County Councils, to major Construction Companies, to Drainage Firms and one man one van guys,who provide the service to domestic and commercial customers. Excuse the pun, sales have gone sky high, all driven by the safety and speed benefits. We are super proud of the fact that we are keeping the UK workforce and public safely working from ground level.

After creating a vibrant marketing campaign and honing our skills with all things SkyVac in the UK, the next natural step for us was to take it overseas. No trouble with the language barrier though as cleaning from the safety of the ground is an international problem. The SkyVac has travelled well and can be found all over Europe, Japan and Australia. A success story we are proud of.

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  1. Ron Potter 4th November 2015 at 4:11 pm Reply

    Can the sky vac be used in the United States with our 120 volt outlets ?

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