Weedkiller & Sprayers

  • £63.00 Exc VAT

    Industrial Sprayer

    Spinaclean industrial sprayer is an expert device designed for technical applications where precise spraying is required. The Sprayer is fitted with Viton seals making it resistant to all kinds of chemicals as well as heavy duty detergents. Ideal for driveway/patio cleaning business when the pre-treatment of a weed killer is required.

  • £85.00 Exc VAT

    Backpack Sprayer

    Spinaclean Backpack Sprayer is an extremely efficient and easy to use device designed to cover large or small areas with the minimum effort.

  • £106.00 Exc VAT

    Trolley Sprayer

    Spinaclean Trolley Sprayer has been designed to carry 20 litres of liquid so you can cover large areas with the slightest of effort.

  • £43.00 Exc VAT

    Spinaclean Weed Killer

    Dilute 75ml of Spinaclean Weed Killer in 10 Litres of water to cover 150 square metres of paving

    Supplied in 5 litres