Gum Removal Machine

  • Chewing Gum Removal Machine
    £3,950.00 Exc VAT

    Gum Ranger Challenger Gum Removal Machine

    The World’s First Battery Operated Gum Removal Machine

    Never has a gum removal machine been so easy to use simply add the environmentally friendly gum removal solution, switch on and remove gum.

    The on-board computer system then controls the temperature and flow of fluid, leaving the operator free to concentrate on removing the gum.

  • Chewing Gum Removal Equipment
    £79.00 Exc VAT

    Gum Ranger Gum Removal Solution

    Gum Ranger™ Service Box

    The Service Box includes enouch consumables for 8 hours of chewing gum removal.

    4 x Bottles of cleaning chemical
    2 x LPG aerosol cans
    6 x brass brushes

  • Chewing Gum Removal Machine & Equipment
    £2,995.00 Exc VAT

    Gum Ranger Freestyle Gum Removal Machine

    The Gum Ranger Freestyle is a unique chewing gum removal system.

    It is a self contained unit that sits comfortably on the back of it’s operative

    The system vaporises the gum in situ using its environmentally friendly chewing gum removal solution.

    Please see image of Gum Ranger freestyle at Wembley