Pressure Washer Terms, Conditions & Warranty

Jet Stream Drive Clean as suppliers warrants to the original purchaser, each new pump or other product supplied by Jet Stream Drive clean via the factory of Jet Stream Drive Cleans supplier for the period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of shipment from the factory to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. “Normal use and service” means not to exceed the recommendations of maximum speeds, pressures and temperatures or handling fluids not compatible with components materials as noted on the Jet Stream Drive Clean web shop technical literature and instructions. Any item classed as for domestic use and then used commercially will not be covered by this warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any pump or other product, which has been repaired or altered to adversely affect the performance or reliability of the pump or product. High pressure wash guns or hoses are also not covered by this warranty due to the adverse conditions of their use.

Neither this warranty nor any applied warranty apply to damage or harm caused by any of the following:-

1. Freight damage
2. Frost or freezing damage
3. Damage caused by parts and or accessories or components not obtained from or approved by Jet Stream Drive Clean.
4. Any consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of any pump or other product supplied by Jet Stream Drive Clean.
5. Damage due to misapplication and or misuse of a fluid or solution with a PH less than 7 could be misapplication.
6. Normal wear of moving parts or components affected by moving parts.

The liability of Jet Stream Drive Clean under the forgoing warranty is limited to the repair or replacement at Jet Stream Drive Cleans warehouse option without charge for labour mileage costs or materials of any parts upon return of the entire pump or other product or of the particular part to Jet Stream Drive Clean warehouse within the warranty period at the sole expense of the purchaser which part shall upon examination appear to Jet Stream Drive Clean satisfaction to have been defective in material or workmanship.

The liability of Jet Stream Drive Clean under any theory of recovery (except an express warranty where the remedy is set forth in the above paragraph) for loss, harm, or damage of the purchase price of the involved pump or other product when sold by Jet Stream Drive Clean to its’ customer. Jet Stream Drive Clean expressly warrants its’ pumps or other products as stated above. There are no other express warranties. Any applied warranties including applied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration of 12 (twelve) months from the date of the purchase by the original purchaser.

No person including any dealer or representative of Jet Stream Drive Clean is authorised to make any representation all warranty concerning Jet Stream Drive Clean products on behalf of Jet Stream Drive Clean or to assume for Jet Stream Drive Clean the obligations contained in this warranty. Jet Stream Drive Clean reserves the right to make any changes in design and other changes and improvements upon its’ products with imposing any obligations upon itself to install the same, in its’ existing products or products in the process of manufacture.

This warranty does not affect and statutory rights you may have.

Procedure for claiming under this warranty

The claimant must despatch the pump, product or pump at his/her own expense to Jet Stream Drive Cleans warehouse with a full detailed report for inspection, upon receipt Jet Stream Drive Clean will inspect and decide whether the pump, product or parties in fact a genuine warranty claim. Upon this decision the pump, product or part will be replaced either free of charge under this warranty of despatched and charged to original customer together with a full report should it to be found not covered by this warranty.

Warranty claimed items, if required urgently, will be despatched to the customer and charged for, on receipt of the claimed defective item Jet Stream Drive Clean will decide whether the claim is valid and if so will issue credit for the item. Should Jet Stream Drive Clean find the claim to be out of warranty declarations the said charge will stand and be paid by the customer as normal.

All data and measurements are without liability and indicate approximate values only.

We reserve the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.

The product descriptions used by Jet Stream Drive Clean do not represent guaranteed characteristics.

The details Jet Stream Drive Clean provides are recommendations only, which we give to the best of our knowledge.

Jet Stream Drive Clean prides itself on after sales care and will endeavour to solve any issues you may have with faulty goods, to the best of it’s ability within reason. Our aim is to exceed your expectations.