Pattern Imprinted Concrete ( PIC ) Cleaning and Sealing

Has your Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway or patio become dull and faded?

pat_imp_concreteAfter some time, apart from becoming dirty, pattern imprinted concrete loses its shine. To restore the surface to its original quality it is possible to reseal the surface with an acrylic sealant. Depending on the degree of degradation the most appropriate sealant is selected from the range at our disposal and applied in a systematic way to restore the finish up to the original standard. Some examples of cleaned and resealed driveways are shown in the pictures that follow.





Slabs Slabs_sealedIn the image on the below, the section of the pattern imprinted paving in the left half of the picture shows the surface after pressure washing. This is seen to have faded over time and by the application of an appropriate sealer it is possible to re-seal and restore the vibrant surface colours, which also adds a protective coating.