Gum Removal

chewing gum removal service NorthamptonMost chewing gum removal companies use the traditional aggressive method of gum removal, which uses a high powered pressure washing system. The disadvantages of this system are as follows:

  • The gum is removed by using some incredible force, which catapults the gum elsewhere just to be simply trod in again.
  • Uses a high volume of water, which results in areas frequented by the public becoming flooded
  • Very noisy
  • Splash back to surrounding buildings
  • Cannot be used on tarmac surfaces as this will result in divots being created by the force
  • Safety may be an issue for members of the public so cleaning may need to be done out of hours

The sympathetic approach, used by us here at Jet Stream External Clean, utilises a high temperature bio-degradable cleaning solution that dissolves the chewing gum and simply washes it away. With this sympathetic approach our system can also be used on sensitive surface such as tarmac.

The advantages are as follows:-

  • Gum is isolated and dealt with by being dissolvedchewing gum removal service Milton Keynes
  • Portable and safe cleaning can also be carried out during busy times, generating great positive PR and press coverage.
  • Environmentally friendly our unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil based making it completely bio-degradable.
  • Can be used on tarmac
  • No flooding
  • No splash back to surrounding buildings
  • Non-Hazardous non toxic bio-degradable chemical.
  • Minimum of disruption to the public and local businesses
  • Contamination totally sanitised
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • A quick, simple and cost effective chewing gum cleaning solution

Please watch our video:-