About Jet Stream External Clean – part of Spinaclean

Spinaclean LTD was formed in 2004 by Mr Andy Whiting the aim of the company was to provide a local paving cleaning service for Northamptonshire. It soon became apparent to Andy that the market place for this type of service is huge and that there was no one out there to offer a one stop shop for anyone else wanting to start their own paving cleaning business along with the necessary advice, back up and support. This was a gap Andy was soon filled.

Coincidently at about the same time Paul Crosbie started Jet Stream External Clean in the bordering county of Buckinghamshire with a clear vision of learning how to clean all types of paving in all types of environments to bring the business to a profitable stage to prove that it can be done and to sell on his business concept to interested individuals.

Whilst attending a training day in London Andy and Paul met one another and soon realised there was a shared vision and synergy. They soon teamed up to share jobs and helped one another on larger projects. The two businesses still retained their individual identities.

To add to the paving cleaning and given his engineering background Andy launched SkyVac a gutter cleaning system all from the safety of the ground SkyVac that proved to be huge success.

With two growing successful businesses, and to fulfil the desire the passion to create something special and help others build their own business Spinaclean and Jet Stream External Clean amalgamated in September 2011.

The company goes under the headline name of Spinaclean and Jet Stream External Clean falls under the umbrella as the “Jet Stream External Clean Business Opportunity”

To further complement Spinaclean is Mark Nice, Mark decided for a complete change of direction in his working life and left his successful job in London this story is a lot like the people who walk through the Spinaclean doors looking to change their life. Mark purchased a pressure washing system from Spinaclean and soon found himself plenty of opportunities along with sub contracting for Spinaclean.

Given Mark’s background as a trained accountant working in Supply Chain / Factory Management and Logistics he found himself working more and more for Spinaclean and now offers his time fully.
Mark looks after the accounts, procurement, logistics and on-going support for individuals and companies that we have helped set up

Our commitment to you!

  • We want you to make the most of your investment
  • You can count on our back up and support, if you have any queries please get in touch we are here to help
  • We will keep you informed of any new products, services, or initiatives becoming available

In a nut shell Spinaclean have developed a proven business concept , which is based on 100’s of satisfied customers and are now in a position to pass on this knowledge to like minded business people who are looking to build an exciting and profitable future for themselves. All the equipment contained within these business opportunity’s is innovative in it’s design and application to make the cleaning process very quick and efficient leaving the cleaned areas in tip top condition guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction.